I decided to change CityDay to posts reviewing art. Like Salon I must change. So. I’d like to discuss Caprica, the prequel to BSG. I had the good fortune to see Caprica half at MTC (in the presence of Alicia Silverstone) and half in my apartment (with sushi). I can’t get this out of italics. Sorry.
Caprica was AWESOME. If you saw BSG, you know pre BSG Caprica was a den of sin and excess much like America. Now we get a whole show set in this sin and excess. The characters are really compelling. And the situation is fun. Virtual reality, exciting explanation about how the cylons are developed.
OK this was just a trial of the new format. I need to get back in the rhythm of the blog. Encouraging comments would probably make more posts happen. Just sayin’ my gchat status update fans 🙂