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I decided to change CityDay to posts reviewing art. Like Salon I must change. So. I’d like to discuss Caprica, the prequel to BSG. I had the good fortune to see Caprica half at MTC (in the presence of Alicia Silverstone) and half in my apartment (with sushi). I can’t get this out of italics. Sorry.
Caprica was AWESOME. If you saw BSG, you know pre BSG Caprica was a den of sin and excess much like America. Now we get a whole show set in this sin and excess. The characters are really compelling. And the situation is fun. Virtual reality, exciting explanation about how the cylons are developed.
OK this was just a trial of the new format. I need to get back in the rhythm of the blog. Encouraging comments would probably make more posts happen. Just sayin’ my gchat status update fans 🙂

Last night I took a slightly different route home.  I walked up Seventh Ave with my co worker Liz.  Liz thinks everyone is fashionable on Seventh Ave since that is the Garment district.  You know, where the schmatta is made.  I didn’t notice any fashionableness but I did perceive how overwhelmingly crowded it was.  Yet at the same time I was so distracted by my monologue to Liz, it really didn’t faze me.  It was cold and I had a lot of thoughts on my mind.  I enjoy walking in the cold though and how it makes everything seem clearer, brighter, realer, even my own thoughts.

I think I’ve said before how crazy it is how many overheard conversations on the street are about people’s money issues.  That or real estate.  Anyway I got to thinking about how I have no luck finding money on the streets.  This morning I found a nickel.  I usually do find a ton of pennies because they are so brightly colored.  I was proud of myself finding the nickel, but then I felt stupid bending down to pick it up.

I avoid picking up the pennies if they’re upside down but a lot of times you can’t tell until you’re too close to the ground.  Then it feels foolish to back away without picking it up.  However when it comes to luck, one shouldn’t take any chances.

A mosquito woke me up this morning.

I think when you live in a place like New York, there’s the sense that there are treasures hidden all around you and if you just keep staring really hard you’ll find them.  I feel like the previous sentence would have made a great Sex and the City voiceover!

OK, so I went to Madame X twice this week.  The second time I actually saw the regular that I had met that first time (which I think I wrote about a week or so ago.)

The first time I went with some friends and had a really delightful evening.  Completely unplanned.  Believe it or not, there was a speed dating event going on adjacent to where my friends and I were hanging out.  I almost did this, but then got up and left before I actually had to sit down.  I just didn’t have it in me to do more small talk.

At a certain point, we went upstairs to see a burlesque show.  I don’t know what to say about burlesque, except I didn’t fully enjoy it.  I found slouching down in the loungey area more enjoyable.

The second time I went with a date and sat the bar!  I’ve never sat at the bar with a date, that I remember.

As the winter sets in, my adventures around the city are decreasing.  Soon Maya L. will be here though, and I look forward to joint depictions.

I have my fair share of experiences getting my eyebrows waxed/threaded in the city.  I’d like now to impart my wisdom.

I used to get them threaded on sixth avenue, around 24th and 25th.  I’d walk up these stairs into a big open room devoted solely to threading.  During threading you have to put your hands around your brown and stretch your skin taut.  Then an Indian lady swoops in and starts cleaning it out.  The process is painful, the product is good, the service is cheap.  I was supposed to be keeping track on this card so on the 10th time I’d get, I’d get a free one, but I never did.

The next place I go to is waxing at this place near the restaurant Olana on Madison Avenue.  This place is expensive, but I like it because it’s convenient and usually not busy.  I no longer do threading because I don’t want to undergo the torture and I don’t feel like it takes much work for my eyebrows to be in a “good shape–” there’s a lot of material to design with.  Basically what I look for is someone who won’t start plucking like a madwoman.  I like it when the wax is hot and the job is basically done after four pull-offs (undersides and tops of brows.)

OK, it’s time for a more traditional post.  This entry is about dogs.  Every day on my walks to and from work, I see scores of people walking their dogs.  A lot of times they’re walking two dogs.  I look at dogs with a fond eye.  They seem so loving and enthusiastic about life.

I like watching two people walking dogs who let their dogs greet one another while standing by holding leashes and not interacting with one another or commenting on the activity of the dogs.

Sometimes I don’t like it when a dogwalker keeps walking ahead of me then falls behind because of the dog, then walks ahead of me again.  I feel they’re crowding up my segment of sidewalk.


There’s a white, middle-aged homeless woman who warbles and screeches across from the post office on 9th avenue, on the block with the PBS building.  She’s always really bundled up and usually has a male companion and sometimes she sounds like she’s on death’s door.

Faaaaaaaaade into you.

So last night I participated in an event that made me feel like I was on that show I saw over Thanksgiving–speed dating.  This was definitely a fun way to meet people although as one speed datee and I concluded, it felt basically the same as any social event with tons of people you don’t know and for me, it ended as those do, huddled in a corner with friends, complaining about life and admiring Battlestar Galactica.

The event took place at a bar decorated with birch trees in the west village.  Since Rita moved I don’t really go down to the West Village.  It was cool to be back, though the rain put a “damper” on things.  Here are some interesting things I learned while speed dating:

1) shrooms were banned in Amsterdam because a French guy jumped out of a building and killed himself while high (or “tripping.”)

2) Limewire employees don’t illegally download.

3)headhunters are really bored at their jobs.

4) A curlyhaired Frenchman agreed with Maya L. about strikes, not liking to work, but disagreed about cheating.

5) DT is extremely picky, but I will give anyone a second chance while also secure in the knowledge a third chance is highly unlikely.

6) The choice of Lee in a business suit for a BSG calendar was a bad one!

I attended trivia night at 1020 bar. This is near Columbia. There were a lot of bearded men in the bar. I guess you would say this was a dive bar. It was dark and the questions were read aloud by a jokey man. You wrote your answers down on a page with three columns of lines. There were three categories of questions. When you were done writing them down, you scored another team’s sheet which provided a great opportunity to see where you’d gone wrong.

We tied for third then lost the tiebreaker. One of the people I was playing with had a lot of tattoos on his forearms, but I was unable to figure out what they meant, although of course I immediately asked, “Do you have literary tattoos?”

Afterwards I had a pleasant walk home with a friend. I’ve actually made this walk a number of times now (Columbia to Hell’s Kitchen.) I can’t say the change of scenery is that exciting, but at least there’s room on the sidewalk.

Anyway this was my first city trivia night and as games for adults go, I thought it was orderly, well-run, and fun, and it was nice to sit side by side with other human beings. Also even though I didn’t get much trivia, I didn’t feel it was difficult, made-me-feel-dumb trivia, so I recommend it on that account alone.

OK, I know I’m deviating from the original mission of the blog but I must say this weekend, after ska and eating out, I just decided to stay in. I cleaned my apartment, made an awesome collage, devoured leftovers, and put in a lot of time with Youtube. I also finished the writing assignment which I’ve had a deadline for each of these past three weeks. All in all, it was the perfect weekend. I debated methods of informing the world about my joy—twitter, FB, gchat status update? I employed all these methods.

At the same time, I did not accomplish a lot of things. I did not write my grandfather. I did not finish reading some splendid manuscripts. I did not finish writing a splendid manuscript.

One things certain: life led me to intersect with a terrific movie on Sunday. The Proposal. Starring a very lean Sandra Bullock and this guy, Ryan Reynolds, I only saw the first half of the movie but I could see, this, was a great romantic comedy, a genre I find myself more and more accepting of, as long as the comedy is kept to a maximum and the couple is separated for as long as possible.

I never really understood why people thought Ryan Reynolds was attractive. But he was funny, and then in one scene, he took his shirt off. What a month it’s been for shirtless men. And this one wasn’t born in 1992! He also had a “quirky” charm that contrasted nicely with his mainstream physical attractiveness.

I watched with my neighborhood friend which is a great way to segue into how wonderful it is to have a neighborhood friend, especially one who has a TV and dvds like The Proposal. This enabled me to watch the Proposal but then almost immediately be back in my apartment, staring at the computer and googling random things for the article. Also I bought blue Terra chips and Snapple on my travels from my apartment to hers and back again. Sometimes I get tired of sitting on the subway, observing people on long trips to Brooklyn, then dealing with the inevitable disorientation at getting out at those stops, frantically looking for the skyline. Sometimes I just want to mingle with the loud hordes of tourists/barhoppers/pretheaterdiners on 9th Ave.

Also, I forgot to mention I found a dollar the other day. I never find bills. It was on the street. Everyone was crossing. I made a show of pretending I really wanted to figure out who dropped the dollar and give it back to them. But it was clear to everyone watching that this would be impossible to figure out.

Just another day in the city.

I mean, Pret A Manger.

Yesterday I had lunch with three friends at Cosi and Pret A Manger.  That’s right we went to two very similar places.  Both restaurants are located on a row on 42nd btwn 5th and 6th.  A lot of times people want to meet in this area because it’s close to Grand Central but eating around there is a pain. I’m not sure why, but it has something to do with it being “midtown.”  Afterwards I went to the library with Shayla and peacefully drew lines on blank white paper.  I could have done this forever, but eventually I had to leave and made my way through the holiday crowds (not hard.)