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I think I’ve said before how crazy it is how many overheard conversations on the street are about people’s money issues.  That or real estate.  Anyway I got to thinking about how I have no luck finding money on the streets.  This morning I found a nickel.  I usually do find a ton of pennies because they are so brightly colored.  I was proud of myself finding the nickel, but then I felt stupid bending down to pick it up.

I avoid picking up the pennies if they’re upside down but a lot of times you can’t tell until you’re too close to the ground.  Then it feels foolish to back away without picking it up.  However when it comes to luck, one shouldn’t take any chances.

A mosquito woke me up this morning.

I think when you live in a place like New York, there’s the sense that there are treasures hidden all around you and if you just keep staring really hard you’ll find them.  I feel like the previous sentence would have made a great Sex and the City voiceover!